Filter workflow by tags

Hi Folks,

It would be helpful if we could append a tag to filter workflows by on the workflow URL.

I’m currently self-hosting, and so I have N8N running at:-

I’ve bookmarked my workflows page:-

It would be useful if I could filter the tags by altering the request parameters of the URL, e.g.

I can then use Browser bookmarks to help me access specific workflows more easily.

Thanks for your consideration.


Thanks a lot for that request. That is, however, something that is already implemented. I guess you are simply on an older n8n version. Not sure in which version it got added, but [email protected] has that for example for sure.


Thanks for replying! Time to update then :slight_smile:

Just updated and am happy to confirm this works :slight_smile:

Glad to hear. Have fun!

Ah, so I thought this was working, but it isn’t.

I can see the URL updates when you select a tag, but if I try and visit the URL I get a redirect straight back to the workflows page.

Steps to reproduce:-

  1. Go to workflows, URL currently looks like this :- /workflows
  2. Click Filters
  3. Select Filter, the URL updates to something like this:- /workflows?tags=K4kgQ7CA6Xdh3XvC
  4. Bookmark the page
  5. Load the bookmark, the URL goes to /workflows?tags=K4kgQ7CA6Xdh3XvC, but then instantly redirects to /workflows