Find a specific Deal directly in Pipedrive

Hello :blush:, currently, I have workflows with nodes from Pipedrive. Basically, the process I follow is to find the user in there. First, it retrieves all the existing deals, and then I use a filter to find the deal related to that user among all the deals. Is there any way to directly find the person’s deal without having to perform this search of all deals and then filter? Thank you!
heres a part of one of my workflows.
Busca Person = find person
Captura Deals = find all existing deals
then the filter to find the one and then it goes on…

Hi @Fernanda_Silva - Whilst I’m admittedly not too familiar with Pipedrive, I tried giving this a test just there, and I would argue that from my findings this might be the best way to currently do this :sweat_smile:

Someone else may chime in with something more optimised, but great job in finding a working solution that you can filter!


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