Find external 404 on several website

This is my very first post on this forum. I just install n8n on a VPS. I’m not a dev and a little lost about how n8n run.

I am a seo and have to check several website. Here is my question. With n8n, can I check external link from a specific domain (like xenu.exe does) and find external link with a 404 response to fix them.

If yes, can you tell me the way or an idea to do this.


I never did this particular task, but I can imagine at least 2 ways of doing this:

  1. hard way - parse website pages periodically for external resources (links / images etc) and create a list of links for each site. Then check each resource from the list via HTTP Request node and see the response. This is by no means an easy no-code approach, but doable.

  2. Find an online service which does exactly your task and provides API for reporting. Connect your sites in this service and get reports automatically via n8n (via some native node or again - using HTTP Request). This is a very common approach which just integrates difference services (i.e. URL checker + your database where the results are stored).

Hope this helps.