Firebase only allows database region of US-central1?

I’ve set my Realtime Database Location to US, even though I am in Europe, because every time I tried to use it, the node was telling me that the database is in a different location…

us-central1 =
europe-west1 =

The Firebase node seems to ONLY allow and anything else is just given an error because users can’t change the domain name.

Please note that the USA is not the only region on the planet, people live in other regions and need access to data in those areas…

Hey @bocaz, this is a problem that’s already on our bug tracker as per this thread:

Maybe @Nivb_6 can already provide an estimate as to when this will be tackled?

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Hi @bocaz, thanks for sharing the feedback.
This item is on the next batch of our review list, which means that it will be reviewed by our engineers probably this week and then more educated decision around ETAs could be shared.
This service is not one of the popular ones at n8n, so I don’t expect it to be super fast, but, if it’s a quick fix, we could fast track it.
I Will share an update once I know better

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Thank you for the quick response, I appreciate it.

I understand it is not one of the popular nodes, but due to GDPR and privacy, using Firebase databases located in the EU is important to maintain these regulations.

Thank you (everyone at n8n) for your ongoing work.

Got released with [email protected]

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