First steps with N8N with Pipedrive Integration

Before anything, I’m using Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate and was looking for something like N8N, maybe requires a little bit more knowledge but seems to be powerful, thanks.

Trying to understand the use of the Pipedrive Integration, I added the Pipedrive node, set Resource PERSON and the default Operation GetAll.

I would like to use some parameters detailed in!/Persons/get_persons and I don’t know how can I add the parameters or if the integrations only works getting the whole items and I have to use functions to filter the result.

For instance, I want to add the parameter first_char for filtering the PERSONS results.

I think is a personal lack of understanding, maybe I receive a RTFM :slight_smile:


Hey @AndresWatson welcome the the community. Yeah sadly the node does not support those fields yet. However just sent a pull request adding those fields, first_char and filter. We will let you know as soon is released.

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Thank you Ricardo. So I’m not as rusty as I thought! :wink:

Are you releasing frequently?

Cheers, Andres Watson

Yes @AndresWatson a new release is planned in the next few days.

I will update here once released.

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Got released with [email protected]

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