Fix the inconsistency with saving a node title and saving the node itself

Not sure if this classifies as a feature request or a bug, but here goes: when entering a new name for a topic, you need to click the :heavy_check_mark: icon to save it. In contrast, any other changes in the node edit dialog do not require explicit saving. This inconsistency messes with my brain, and nine times out of ten I’ll find that the newly entered node name is not saved. Would it be possible to remove the :heavy_multiplication_x: and :heavy_check_mark: and just have them auto-save when you close the dialog, just like the other options?

I agree it would be nice to see pop-up dialogs if changes are made to UI elements that use the check and X when you click away from them. It happens often where I make a change and forget to click it and then loose it when i click off the windows (even accidentally).