Font error (getSystemFonts ) in the Edit Image node?

For some reason I get a consisnt getSystemFonts error when tring texts in the Edit Image node.
I guess, there must be a dropdown menu of fonts.

Thanks a lot for reporting this issue. Got fixed:

Please make sure to always fill the issue template in the future when you open the ticket instead of simply deleting all the text. We created it for a reason as it makes our life easier. Thanks!

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Thank you, I got you.

Got released with [email protected]

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I was trying to figure out how to add more fonts to this. I looked in to the function and this is what it says:

Lists absolute paths to all system fonts

NOTE: If you’re using Typescript, getSystemFonts() is available as the default export.


  • options [object] - Options for configuring retrieval
    • additionalFolders [string[]] - Paths to additional folders to recursively scan for font files. Absolute paths are recommended. Default: []
    • extensions [string[]] - List of file extensions to treat as font files. Default: ['ttf', 'otf', 'ttc', 'woff', 'woff2']

Does anyone know how to add fonts?

@jan do you know if there is a possibility to add fonts in the Edit Image node?

I found it. the getSystemFonts looks in these folders for Linux if anyone else is wondering:

 linux: () => {
        const home = os.homedir();
        const userFolders = home
            ? [
                path.join(home, '.fonts'),
                path.join(home, '.local/share/fonts')
            : [];
        return [
            // TODO: use fontconfig to find the folder locations

@wallinex if you are using Docker you can also map the font folder from your host machine to your containers font path, This is how I did it last year: Add custom fonts for image edit - #2 by jon

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