Force "String" in Code node

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Hi people.
How “force” an value as string? On this exemple, the value to “phone” was going as number…
I nesse to set a json as string fields, and i cant do it on this value type.

You can use ‘’+

If i do this, return: “”+551134554""

That doesnt make sense. :thinking:

Could you share what you are doing?

This is the workflow.

I need to convert number to string, but cant…

I think, this is a bug?

I don’t see an issue, or I must be understanding it wrong

Yes, is this whats I want… Witch version is your?

look at mine n8n.

Hey man, I´ve updated and solve!

Thanks for help to found the problem.


Yeah it is actually a string already (blue text)
Sorry didn’t notice this before.
Also the + sign will not be possible in a numeric value of course. :sweat_smile:


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