Form Trigger field include a 'drawable' signature field, image upload field, and check box fields

I think I got it all in the title. I love that there’s a form trigger, but it’s missing some key pieces to build a whole lot of services from.

1). drawable signature field to collect signatures. Configure the form as a web-app for users with the ability to sign the form and submit it.

  1. a field option to upload images. users in the field need to document things quite often and having the ability to handle this in n8n, updating a variety of things with a single form submission would be fantastic.

3). check boxes. Great for check lists. For example, a user might need to perform a 20 point inspection on something, having each item as a check box would allow this use case.

This could end up being a check list at the beginning of a shift, then an image drop to document issues, and a signature on the end for the user.