Found this workflow on linkedin - have no idea where to start

Create your own Indeed Scraper (

I found code and pasted the code. not even sure i did that correctly.
next step is “set url” - searched and it doesn’t exist
Pls help? : )

Hi @tampa_deb :wave: Welcome to the community :tada:

Taking a peek at that guide, it looks like they want you to set the URL you want to get the data from. You’d do that here, in the second node:

Hi Emerald! Thank you kindly for your assistance! I am a brand newbie and am clueless. so my first node is the copied code. i searched for “set url” as the 2nd node but nothing came up. Im not even sure how to find the node you’re showing in your screen shot above. then, I’m not even sure what trigger I should use i guess prior to the code node? thank you kindly for your assistance! Deb

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Hey there!

If i am not mistaken It looks like Emerald is using the “Set” node .

The best way to find this is to click the “+” sign in the top right of your workflow canvas, or if you enjoy a few keyboard shortcuts you can use the “Tab” key (On Windows) this will open the Node menu. From there you can search for any node that you might need including the “Set” node as mentioned above!

All the best. I look forward to seeing your complete workflow!

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Hi @tampa_deb :slight_smile: No worries! Just to carry on from @Zac_Magee’s excellent advice, the node after the code node is the HTTP Request node. From there, it looks like anything in their workflow is either not renamed (such as the filter node or google sheets node), renamed to something that still tells you what the node is (such as the HTML node), or a renamed node you’ve already used previously (there’s a second Set node). Even with a node being renamed, its icon stays the same for identification :+1:

Hope that helps with understanding which nodes you need!

Thanks to you both! I guess I was being too literal - I was not aware that the node name could be customized. although I blame their search too because anything starting with “set” should return the set node, just sayin.

here’s wht I did next. I navigated to the specific indeed url, pasted it in the node, and got this error. cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘main’)

also i’m not even sure what my first node should be? Set or code or other? ugh! so frustrating learning something new.

Hi @tampa_deb - since it seems like you’re building from scratch instead of copying and pasting their pre-made workflow, can you share your workflow here? You can hit ctrl/cmd + a to select all the nodes, and then hit ctrl/cmd + c to copy them. From there, you can paste that information on the forum between two sets of three backticks (```) and it’ll automatically generate your workflow for us :slight_smile:

Also, just making sure - did you know that you can copy and paste the code they provided to have the workflow pre-built?

This is their workflow - you can select all of those nodes and then copy and paste over to your own n8n instance, and you’ll only need to update things like the links and the credentials just like in the guide :+1:

I did not know that and didn’t even see that in the link somehow. :grimacing: where do i find it to copy? i just looked at the link again and other than the long line of code I don’t see it. i so appreciate you!

or i saw the code but didn’t know what to do with it.

No worries, @tampa_deb ! If you hover for a second over the code block, you’ll see a copy button:

From there, you can click “copy” and then hit either ctrl + v (in windows) or cmd + v (on mac) in your n8n workspace when you’re editing a workflow, and it’ll paste all the nodes :slight_smile:

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