Freshservice integration

Can a integration for Fresh Service be added this would help us to automate work flow when tickets are created

Welcome to the community @Allwynpradip

If I understand well, you are interested in a freshservice trigger right? If so, you can do right now using the Webhook node and the Action “trigger node” in freshservice.


Thanks for the warm welcome, it is just not actions and triggers, I would also want to send customer JSON as a reply to freshservice after a particular taste is complete.

we are trying to use check_mk and Rundeck to trigger and complete jobs and send updates back to freshservice with the progress info.

Having a separate node just like Freshdesk will help in the configuration of the workflows

Not familiar with the tools you want to connect. But that sounds to me like all can get done with webhooks and HTTP nodes. Anyways, it’s always better to have a proper node.

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