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Freshworks CRM API does not return the objects when ?include= is used. Only the Ids. What is the procedure to improve someone else Node?

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If I use Postman to connect to Freshworks API and use ?include= after the deal id, it returns the Deal plus the additional objects I requested:

As example I will use the API to get a deal by id, including the contacts and owner.
In postman the response is the following;

“users”: [
“contacts”: [
“deal”: {

Please share the workflow

BUT in n8n the response is stripped out of the users and contacts part giving us only the deal and their Id’s


We see in the node the code doesn’t include these values, and is only set to return the deal.

The problem is that their is not an API end point to return such objects as the User. The only way to get this is via ?includes=users

The solution is to add repsonseData = responseData.users; and other items to the node which are only included when the ?includes is called

Hi @markhanson, many thanks for sharing! I’ve converted this into a feature request so you and other users can vote on including the requested additional data in the Freshworks CRM node :slight_smile:

Seeing you have this working in Postman and until this becomes part of the node, you can also use the HTTP Request node to call the Freshworks CRM API directly from n8n with the required URL parameters and then have access to the full response data.

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