FTP Rename should return operation details + FTP Node should allow reading details from past nodes

The idea is:

When performing FTP operation it usually involves chaining events together. The ask is for any operations such as rename, instead of just result=success, all the operations details should also be returned (for example original filename, new filename, etc), so that the next node can easily perform the next operation. Additionally, the FTP nodes (during download operation, as an example) do not allow for the path data to be set from a past node via expressions, so ideally, this will also be updated to allow setting data from past nodes, and not only the one immediately preceding it.

My use case:

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Any resources to support this?

Are you willing to work on this?

Hey @Spartak_Buniatyan,

Welcome to the community :tada:

Outputting more than success is not a bad idea, On the other part when downloading a file you can use the output of a previous node already. Do you have an example of this not working?

Thanks, @Jon appreciate the quick response. I was finally able to get a reference to a previous node by doing β€œ.first()” vs β€œ.item” reference. I’m still somewhat new to N8N, but had assume that when an array of items is sent to the FTP node, then it would automatically perform an operation per item in the array, thus β€œ$(β€˜β€™).item.” notion would still be applicable (as even in the node edit UI it shows the data), but during execution, it says β€œCan’t get data for the expression.”

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Hey @Spartak_Buniatyan,

Using .item is what I use in my FTP workflows but it could depend on what your workflow looks like as there may be a merge node in it or a code node that is removing the paired item linking.