Full Twilio Integration - Receive SMS & Calls

I’ve just successfully linked Airtable to Twilio to send out SMS (and soon WhatApps when permission is granted) but would desperately need the facility to:

  1. Receive SMS

  2. Receive Calls (particularly so I can add number, details and hopefully voice recording to the AirTable).

Hey @spessex,

Thank you for creating the Feature Request. I looked at their documentation and found out that you can make Webhook calls from Twilio when you receive messages (assuming that would be possible for Calls as well.)

Till the feature is implemented in n8n, you can configure the Webhook node in n8n to receive this information and process it.

Here’s a link for the Twilio documentation: Twilio's Request to your Webhook URL - Twilio

thank you @harshil1712 . I will take a look.

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