General API

I would love a node like the Discord node that would work with general webhook’s

Can you please explain what you mean exactly?

Did you check the already Webhook node?

yes, i mean as in sending data TO a generic webhook (I’m currently working on Microsoft Team’s Webhook)

And i know it’s doable with the HTTP Request node :slight_smile: I just think there should be a seperate node for it
With maybe a rate limit option?

Sorry I do still not understand. There are either specific nodes for specific services like Mattermost or there are “generic nodes” like Webhook & HTTP Request. What would the generic API node do differently than the HTTP Request node?

Generic “Webhook” node (In my opinion) should be like:


Just like the discord node (Hence why i used that as an example)

From what i saw the existing webhook node is for INCOMING webhooks, Not outgoing ones

Ah yes. Discord uses the name webhooks, but they can be incoming and ongoing, which is kind of confusing. Either way, you can use the HTTP node to achieve what you want to do.