General Information about functionalities

Hello together,

I am regularly searching for alternatives for RSS feed reader and feed modifications as well as automatic file handling and rule-based sorting of files.

I looked at node-red but this was beyond my skills. Since I did not find a list of available nodes and a list of upcoming ones, I just shoot the question.

Are there any file handling / sorting nodes and RSS or website minoritoring nodes available? (even possible)

Cheers and best wishes,

Hello Hellekin,

a list of available nodes can be found here:

There is also a very basic RSS-Node. All it does is to return the data of an RSS Feed. Nothing more nothing less.

Your questions:

  • Not exactly sure what you mean with “file handling”. If you mean reading and writing files that can be done.
  • For file sorting, there is no special node yet. Even though I think that is very important and had planned to create one for a long time. Sadly never got to it. It is however still possible with a few lines of JavaScript with the help of the Function-Node. Not sure if you can program but if not you can reach out and I am sure either I or somebody else will help you to write the code for the Function-Node to sort it as you wish (ok assuming it is not crazy complicated).
  • Guess it is a typo and you mean “monitoring”. There are no special nodes but depending on what you want to do would be possible. You would just have to create an Interval-Node which triggers all x minutes/seconds and then executes an HTTP Request-Node. If that one fails it could execute an error workflow that does whatever you want it to do. Like log the error to Google Sheets and send you an Email, Slack notification or SMS.

Apart from that can the most things be done in n8n that can be done in Node.js as each node simply executes some JavaScript code.

I hope that helps! Have a great day!

Ok, I am officially intrigued. :wink:
I think I install it and give n8n a test run.

The file handling would be sweet. For now I use DropIt on my Windows would would like to have something run on a self hosted server. Meaning a file with sorting rules and then automatic actions from renaming, sorting or alerting.

Sadly, I never got around and into programming. Bites me regularly especially when I am stuck with the IT department for “reasons”. For now I just round up my impression of n8n and come back then!

Thanks already for the warm welcome and quick helpful reply!


Great to hear that I could intrigue you :wink:

Sorry still do not understand what you mean with the file-handling.

Always happy to help!