General question about Poll Time in Airtable Trigger

Hi guys,
I’m trying to figue out the way to fire an Airtable trigger more often than every minute in some scenarios.
I’ve read this article but I’m not sure if I’m implementing this properely.

Should this fire the trigger every second? :sweat_smile: Because it doesn’t :sweat_smile:
What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance :smile:

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Hey @Kris_Szostak.

You can perform this check every minute through the Airtable Trigger node, this will be the trigger to start your workflow.

Thank you @htnrodrigues, but the idea is to fire it more often than a minute… seconds prefereably as in some scenarios I initiate a document creation or deal creation from within Airtable and waiting this long seems frustrating :sweat_smile:

I didn’t understand before @Kris_Szostak, but you’re on the right track, the seconds is set to the first asterisk.

No problem @htnrodrigues But I still don’t understand why this doesn’t work the way it should. Still need to wait about a minute for this trigger to fire :frowning_face:

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