Generell parameters for the workflow

In addition to the parameters for each node it would be great to have parameters or meta data for the worflows.

For example: Is was thinking about having a workflow that deploys other workflows to a production instance. For this it would be great to be able to mark a workflow as “has be synced” or “production ready” this.

This also would solve the “problem” of referring to data from other nodes directly in some cases - this might get really messy. And also the issue with having an “init”-node with data which can’t be accessed from within loop iterations > 1.

Welcome to the community @Axel!

Did you check out staticData?

From what I understand should that solve your problem.

Hi Jan,

perhaps something like this. But two restrictions make it not feasable to use as a workflow configuration tool:

  1. As written in the documentation the data is not accessable when the workflow is tested.
  2. The configuration has to be done in code (not complex one but nonetheless) and it would be great to have something that is easly accessible via the UI.

I would suggest something like the “Set”-Interface but only in the workflow settings UI.