Get a $1,000 credit for Vertex AI Agent Builder

Hi there,

As a someone who is not too technical and wants to build automation flows and automate everything, n8n and the whole community have been nothing less but amazing in getting me on the path to achieve that.

So, here’s something I wanted to share with you guys and didn’t see it here.

Just saw that Google is running a promotion which will give you $1,000 for Vertex AI Agent Builder until Jully 18, 2024.

Note: New Vertex AI Agent Builder customers get a one-time $1,000 credit per Google Cloud billing account to create search, chat, and other gen AI apps.

More details here: Pricing  |  Vertex AI Agent Builder  |  Google Cloud

PS. If this is not a proper place to add this topic, I’m fine if you delete it or move it. Thank you. Cheers!