Get file from Google Drive error (302)

Hi, I try to use a file from google drive but I get an error 302. See below first node to trigger the workflow when a new file is created in n8n folder on my google drive. Second node which gives the error try to get the file from google.

n8n is internal on my unraid server and I have set a tunnel to be able to use from the outside.

Tried several things but nothing work, I am sure it is rather simple… What is my mistake ?

Thx for help!

Hi @One1Tick, a 302 status indicates a redirect. Based on your description I reckon you’re not using an n8n version automatically handling these, so you would want to add the Redirects option on your HTTP Request node and enable the Follow Redirects setting like so:

You could also consider using the regular Google Drive node to fetch your file instead of the HTTP Request node.

Give me a shout if you’re still seeing any errors afterwards!

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Thanks for you help, no time to test tonight… will do it tomorrow eveing and keep you posted. Thx anyway.

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