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Hello everyone.
Consider a situation that I’m testing my api work flow.
first I do login then I use access token to get wallet balance then test withdraw process on coin X.
exactly here I want to have an input to enter coin symbol also the next step is SMS verification.
I call API to send SMS to my phone but also I need an input to enter code and finally call withdraw API.

Thanks for any help.

Hi @farhad,

I will recommend you to split this in two workflows.

First step will send an SMS with a magic link (with included code and time limited).

This magic link could point to a GET Webhook in N8N that launches the second workflow. This webhook, checks if code is OK and sends the withdraw call to the API.

Hope this helps.


@Miquel_Colomer Thanks.
I didn’t want to modify my back-end (sms code is generated in back-end) but it seems that currently there is not any other approach.

Got it.

N8n is a process automation platform, not a frontend platform. So waiting for a form input at n8n makes no sense for me.

The only way is getting this code in a form (you can create a simple form by yourself), and send submitted form with completed code to n8n by webhook to launch the withdraw call in another task.

I think it’s the best approach.

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@Miquel_Colomer Yes absolutely you are right.
and what about having multiple start point?
consider these examples:
we are testing withdraw test for BTC, ETH, TRX and their workflow has some common flows such as login. so we create 3 start point and we could test them respectively and quickly.
does it make sense for you?

I think it depends on your workflow complexity.

If you share a lot of logic in your withdraw process between currencies, I recommend only one workflow.

But you need to know what currency must be applied in your withdrawal process. When recovering code, you will know what currency will be used (currency must be saved with your code in your database).

And form will be used to confirm withdraw code, calling withdrawal webhook in N8N after that.

Everything in just one workflow.

Let me know if this makes sense for you or if you have any other doubt.


@Miquel_Colomer Thanks for your good help and I got it completely

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