Getting 503 after adding SMTP ecosystem variables to version 0.168.1

We made some changes to our ecosystem.config.js to add the SMTP parameters, and after saving the file changes we get a 503 when trying to visit our url. Any ideas why this would happen?

Also wanted to note, curl -v http://localhost:5678 returns connection refused.

We did a server restart and it fixed the issue. It does seem that any environment variable changes we make now crash our server, so we are going to hold off making any changes.

Not sure if a service or something got hung, but we are good to go now.

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That is a bit worrying that it crashes the server, Could be a PM2 fault but I have not seen anything about it :man_shrugging:

@jon We did just find something that could be part of the issue is that it seems to be pulling ecosystem variables from an old config. As a joke we set up one of the variables to set the default name of new workflows to Dat New Hotness but we changed it several months ago, but now it’s showing back up again:

Hey @jhambach,

Love that default name, I might change mine.

It looks like the problem is probably going to be with how pm2 has been configured but I have never seen it do that before.

It might be worth looking into the pm2 config a bit more or making sure there are not 2 different users / processes trying to launch it.

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Haha, it helps keep work fun.

I will check that out, thanks for the help!

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We found that the system is referencing backupecosystem.js instead of the normal file. We are going to rename that and try using the normal file in place of it.

UPDATE: Looks like renaming the file didn’t fix the issue, we are still working on it.

FINAL UPDATE AND FIX: This was because we set N8N_EMAIL_MODE to SMTP per the docs instead of smtp which appears to now be updated in the documentation found at User management | Docs

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