Getting error username and password is wrong after update


I had my flowing and after the new update, the HHTP node is giving me an error that the username and password are not wrong I am not sure why it stopped working I also update the application where it is connecting for API calls.

Hi @techbrooks, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

The HTTP Request node should still send the same data tbh. I have a bunch of HTTP Request nodes in my own workflows and none of them stopped working following the recent upgrade to [email protected]

From looking at your screenshot it seems you’re sending username and password through as body parameters. Perhaps you can temporarily replace the URL of your actual API with a URL provided by This service would let you inspect the data sent by n8n, so you can verify n8n still sends the correct data.

In case n8n does for any reason send the wrong data, could you share a workflow using which the problem can be reproduced? Thank you so much!

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@MutedJam Thank You for the test link the data is been passed correctly and everything is fine in n8n I think something has changed on the application where I calling the API from.

I will work with the application support team.

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