Getting error while calling internal api(https calls)

Hi @marcus /@MutedJam

when we hit external api we are getting response. but when we are our internal api we are not getting response.
We are suppose to get token after hitting login api. But we are getting error as cannot read the properties of undefined.

As well in backend we are getting error as syntax error at the end of input

The code is

Please help us, which node we can refer for https call with ssl.


Hello @abhilash,
it’s hard for me debug your internal api problem, but I’ll give it a shot.

If that is your method to make a http request to ${host}/login you need to make sure to set the host to your internal api.

I know from our last call that your internal test certificates are expired, which most likely will be the problem. So you should create new self signed certificates.

If you need to make unauthorized requests with invalid ssl certificates you can take a look at these:


Thanks for quick response marcus. I will check the above node.
I have created the self sign certificates for product.

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