Getting Started Contributing

Too Many Packages when publishing custom build.

Hi, I am getting started contributing and have taken a few steps.

  1. I am a Cloudron user so I built a custom Cloudron docker file to install N8N on my server.
  2. I made a few changes to N8N custom to my needs in the codebase.
    GitHub - draglabs/n8n: Free and open fair-code licensed node based Workflow Automation Tool. Easily automate tasks across different services.
    (nothing major just adding support for extra libraries and custom nodes)
  3. I followed the instructions on
    Creating and publishing scoped public packages | npm Docs
  4. After I init the package.json file there are a ton of new dependancies. When I commit to the npm repository I get an error 400 “too many dependancies”
    • Any ideas on this?
    • Any ideas on best practices for publishing a custom n8n branch to node? Or if I even need to do that? Maybe I can just change the docker source…???

Hey @roofboard,

I have not seen that message before, Is that error when you run npm publish? Sounds like it could be a question for npm, What I would do though if you have mutliple nodes you are publishing would be to split them up into different packages that should get around any limit.

It looks like when you run NPM build all the dependancies for NPM get pulled into the main codebase as opposed to staying in the package-lock

Hey @roofboard,

That sounds right to me and what I have seen here, Never seen it throw that error though. How many packages is it actually using?