Getting the same articles again and again after every execution

I need help with this condition.
In the hacker news node i m getting the same article again and again i set the schedule trigger to 1 minute and count = 10 after every execution it gives me the same article but I don’t want the old articles once its fetched. Is there any way to skip this and it should fetch the new articles

Hi @Olivia_Garcia, welcome to the community!

The hacker news node wouldn’t be a great node to consume only new articles I am afraid (as it has no sorting option). But perhaps you want to use one of the Hackernews RSS feeds with n8n’s RSS Read node here?

For example like so:

This example will run every 10 minutes (I’ve picked this interval to make sure it gets some posts, but you can of course adjust this), then fetch the latest posts through the RSS feed and finally filter these posts to only keep the ones posted in the last 10 minutes, leaving you with this data structure:

@Jon is also working on bringing his community RSS Trigger node into n8n, so very soon you’ll be able to kick off your workflow for every new post automatically :slight_smile:


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