Ghost CMS Node

Ghost CMS is a Blogging platform (Managed and Self Hosted - its Free and Open Source -
it also used as Headless CMS

it having a Content API and Admin API

Content API - Build a Custom site or Static Site, APPS, etc using API
Admin API - Manage, Posting to our site via API

Ghost Admin API

Content API

it also having a webhook support

Test ghost site

we can install Ghost locally on our system - this may help to play the ghost API

Omg :heart: This is much needed.

It’ll be a game changer. :muscle::muscle:

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@jan @RicardoE105 Sent you login details of the test site.

Thank you very much! It’s very appreciated. The node is however currently not sheduled for creation yet.

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No Problem at all. Just doing my contribution to make n8n better :star2:

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Thanks a lot! We will update you here once it is available.

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