Ghost triggers

I’m getting an error

You can see my bot is sending 2 tweets 10 minutes apart.

You can see the one that ran but the seconds to success. It was prompted to hit GPT so it takes 5s instead of .5s.

How is the second tweet sending with a new GPT response?

Hey @SilverLogic_ML,

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What does your workflow look like? It looks like the 2 runs happened 10 minutes apart so it could be that the check for new tweets isn’t working as expected in the logic you are using.

I looked there but my execution log shows no tweet being sent

Here’s the most recent bug. This time 5 minutes apart and the error never runs

Hey @SilverLogic_ML,

There must be a run somewhere for it, Have you tried stopping the workflow to see if it still happens? Do you have any other workflows active or a test instance somewhere that might be sending tweets?

I deleted all other work flows

Can you try stopping the one you have there or maybe share it so we can look for anything odd?

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