Gmail credential token revoke

from time to time, i receive errror as following from my Gmail node.

howeverm when i "reconnect " without changing anything, it works again.

May i know if there is anything i am missing ?

Hi @Benjamin123, does this happen every 7 days by any chance? If so, this might be because you are using a test scenario. As per Google’s documentation :

Authorizations by a test user will expire seven days from the time of consent. If your OAuth client requests an offline access type and receives a refresh token, that token will also expire.

If it doesn’t happen after 7 days exactly, is there a chance your n8n instance is not constantly up and running (for example because you’re using a desktop to host/run n8n)? In this case n8n might not be able to refresh your auth token automatically in time.

@MutedJam i will take note of the number of days it happen… thanks for the information…