Gmail: Deleting emails by id


We are trying to delete emails by message ID.
But current messageId property is not accepted as an ID for deleting email.

Could you confirm which is the right property value that contains email id to use with Gmail > Message > Delete?


Yes, that is currently really not great. The messageId returned by default mode “resolved” is not the one to use. It is the “id” which gets returned by all the other modes.

Will make sure that also in resolved-mode the correct ID does get returned.

Thanks for the feedback @jan!
I will wait for this anxiously :wink:

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Depending on what you are doing exactly can you simply add “Format” and change it to something like “Full” (or any other one). The id returned there is the correct one.

Thanks a lot @jan!
We have applied a Full response and parsing payload “To” and “Date” header properties.

Now we are collecting emails to feed our spam database at to identify “bad” guys.
Additionally, we are cleaning our spam folder automatically once per day :wink:

Ah very interesting! Cool sounds n8n is helpful :wink:

Released [email protected] which now returns the correct Gmail IDs.

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