Gmail multiple attachments from previous nodes

Hi, I want to send mails with gmail, where I have to attach 2 pdf files. Both files depend on a pipedrive node and the results there.

Basically, I first make a request to pipedrive with a special filter. With the results I check for 1 existing file in the file storage. This part works.

Then I have to search for a second file in a different storage location based on the output of the pipedrive node.

After that I have to attach both files to the gmail node.
The problem is, I have now 2 files, but in different stages and I only can attach the file, which is returned before the gmail node.

Any ideas to get access to the binary from the previous node?

The error I get is “property.split is not a function or its return value is not iterable”, but as you can see in the screenshot, the file is found correctly.

Hi @sheeek, I assume that the GMAIL node expects the name/key of the data and not the value of it. Unfortunately, I don’t see how you data comes in to the node but it would be something like instead of {{ $json["name"] }}.

Hope that helps?

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