Gmail node getting triggered multiple times for same email

Hey Team,

I am using the Gmail Trigger node as a trigger for my workflow. I have set the poll time for the node to every minute. There have been multiple instances where the Gmail node triggers the same workflow multiple times. Is this a bug in N8N, or do I need to update some configuration in the Gmail node?

No error message

Please share the workflow

Note - I have removed client id and client secret from the Gmail Node.

Information on your n8n setup

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Hey @Mustafa_Ali,

This is something we are aware of and we are tracking this as NODE-320, Out of interest does it happen for specific emails?

Hey @Jon
How can I track the progress of NODE-329, our gmail node is triggered multiple times for the same email. We are using labels to filter emails.

Hey @Mustafa_Ali,

Just incase you wanted to track NODE-329 this has been fixed (was for Telegram), I have just checked NODE-320 and it is currently in the backlog with a low priority even with it being set to impacting 50% of users.

If we can get a reliable way to reproduce it we can lower the time estimate which will increase the priority.

Hey @Jon
For our gmail node we have set poll time to every minute and we are receiving trigger every minute for the same email. Can you please look into it?

Hey @Mustafa_Ali,

I have tried looking into it before I was not able to reproduce it. If you can find a way to reproduce it that works if will be a massive help.

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I can share the configuration of gmail node with you. Is it something to do with polling time? Let me know if anything else is required from our side.

Hey @Mustafa_Ali,

Every minute is the default polling time, I wondered if maybe it was only certain emails causing the issue.

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