Good central server software for sync with events

Currently I am looking for a good server software (preferably open source) which takes care of file synchronization.
There are enough of them, but it is important to me that I can process the events directly with n8n.
Idea: The server (where also n8n is on it, windows) gives a sync endpoint where the so called clients can sync.
As soon as a file is synchronized (uploaded, deleted) an event should be fired which I can process directly with n8n.
The clients themselves should be configured relatively simple with: host name and a password.
The server itself should then show the necessary PC and which folders are on it. The synchronized files should then also be stored in a specified folder.
Does anyone have an idea which software can work well with n8n?

I like Coda for this. The n8n team uses Notion for this as well, both are good nodes to use for this type of work. But you could use something as simple as Google Sheets as well.

Not sure about an open source option, but I am investigating moving to this system, but no nodes for it yet on n8n.

Instead of budibase I use Appsmith which is really awesome. (you can also take a look at it, because I think that appsmith definitely offers added value.)
With the sync I mean real files. These files can be anything, binary files, text files etc.
The idea is very simple. There is one or the other machine around that produces data and I would like to handle it with n8n.
For this, of course, these files must be synchronized from the computers on a server. On the same server where n8n is already on it.
But of course it would be great to have an event that tells you what to do: File was uploaded, or deleted.
What there is, for example, is It works but is not really great for a lot of computers.
The idea is relatively simple.
A client is installed on the computer and here only the IP of the server entered.
Thus, the computer is registered.
On the server I can then access the files of the computer and then also set which file / folder should be synchronized and where it should be synchronized (local file system).
In addition, events must exist where I can e.g. call a webhook.
The whole thing must be self-hosted of course, because the data should only exist locally and not be uploaded on some service on the internet.
The only thing I have found so far in this direction is But that is not yet the goods. Especially if you have several devices (100 >). One would like to also rather a central management straight if the computers are not all just in the near.
Also a deployment with a JSON config to pc would be nice. So you can use a MSI installation and a config (with the IP) and auto push it to all clients.