Google Analytics API

Hello! Any suggestion on what to do just so I could access data from my Google Analytics using :slight_smile:

That should be possible with the HTTP Request Node. Authentication has to happen via OAuth. You can find information about that here:

Apart from that does it really then depend on what exactly you want to do. But information about the different APIs and their endpoints can be found here:

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Got it working! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Great to hear! Have fun!

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Hey @gnik31! Would you be so kind to share with us how you did that? I’m having a really hard time authorizing my Analytics API through Oauth. Thanks!

Welcome to the community.

We have a Google Analytics node coming up. With the node, it should be easy to authentication against google.


Hi Ricardo, thanks for the update it’s good to hear that. But anyway, I’m having the Oauth connection problem with any Google services, even the one you already have nodes for (Sheets for example). So my problem is in general to connect in Oauth.

My ops team protected our hosted n8n so that only our IP address at work can access it. Do you think that it could create troubles when communicating with Google through Oauth?


the only thing I can think of is the callback request in the OAuth2 flow is being blocked. Also with Google, you need to validate the callback URL. Did you do that?

Can you please create a separate topic for this issue?

We just released [email protected] with a Google Analytics node. Please check if it can do what you require. If not, please create a feature request that we can add the missing functionality.