Google Analytics GA4 - no property shows up in the drop down list

I’m setting up Google Analytics and created the Oauth and credentials. I was able to use the sign in button (after changing Oauth to be external - diff google organization) and connect the account. Selected Google credential, report, get, GA 4 selected, message saying could not load list, check credentials.

I’m pretty sure the credentials should be fine as I setup 2 other test accounts the same way, but that was on an older build of n8n (I’m on the latest one just released 1.0).

Any ideas what I am missing or doing wrong?

Hi @edrow, welcome to the community!

I am sorry you are having trouble. Are you using the Google Analytics Data API for the first time and have you double-checked you need GA4 rather than Universal Analytics?

If so, you might need to head to the API page inside the Google Cloud console and enable the API:

After a short wait, the API requests should work.

You can also try specifying your property by ID if n8n is unable to retrieve your property list. Google shows the numeric ID in the UI when selecting an account/property:


Hope this helps!


It seems like everything was configured correctly. It’s only the select from the drop down list that was the issue. I am able to get it to work via URL or ID.

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