Google Auth issue

Trying to use the google sheet node and getting an error saying that the app is blocked. Researched and saw that this can commonly be fixed by allowing “less secure app access”. I have turned that on, but am still unable to connect to Google Sheets using Oauth 2. I have the Gmail node working with Outh 2 and didn’t run into this issue. As an alternative I’m trying to get Service account to work, still trying to figure that one out, but would be preferable to use Oauth 2.

  • Running n8n via []:
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Hey @Philip_Wiggins,

Would you be able to drop in a support email so I can get the details for your cloud instance and have our cloud team investigate further.

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Same problem - will email.

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Hi @Len_Currie, I am so sorry for the trouble. We’re looking into this right now and hope to have this resolved soon.

Same problem. Its giving me this error.

Hi @Anish_Jajodia, I am so sorry for this. Google has requested a bunch of videos for the review which we’ve recorded and provided. At this point we are waiting for their feedback.

If you could reach out to [email protected], we can however apply a workaround for you. This will mean we temporarily remove the existing Google Sheets OAuth2 details from your cloud instance. You would then have to manually set up your OAuth2 client as described here.

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