Google Calendar Event Properties Location and Color are missing

Hey there,

I am currently wondering about the google calendar object which I get back if I try to get all events. I think nearly all properties are in this object. Excepted Location and ColorId.

Is there a reason for?

Hi @volkimd, from taking a quick look at what the Google Calendar node does, the node would respond with the data coming from the Google Calendar API. This would include the location for me though:

Is there a chance no location has been set in the event you are looking at?

A color does not seem to be part of the data provided by Google’s Calendar API in my case - could you clarify how to set it?

Edit: Nevermind, just changing the colour is enough for this property to be set in my case:


So it would be great if you could provide an example of how to reproduce this.

:roll_eyes: damn. Sorry this. Yes this makes sense and you are completely right. Properties were empty/default and because of this not set.

Thank you very much. Problem is solved

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Thanks so much for confirming, I’m glad it was nothing more serious :smiley:

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