Google Calendar Integration [GOT CREATED]

Thanks for adding the description.

I can’t find the conference feature though. Is it just me or when will it be implemented?

@svenjanssen yeah, that is not yet there. Will let you know when is added.

nice thanks. If you gave me a timeframe, will it be this week or rather next week…?

I will try to make this week. @svenjanssen will keep you posted

cool. Will it be published with the next release then?

@svenjansse sorry for the late response. Next release will be included.


@svenjanssen got created. However looks like it’s not possible to create a zoom meeting from the google calendar API, either way, a workaround would be to create the meeting with the zoom node and then when creating the event on google calendar set that info (link and password to the meeting) as the description.

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I see the conference feature is now completely gone, which makes it way more flexible to use (who uses hangout anyways…) I will put my Zoom-Links in description or Location, that should work just fine.

Thank you for your efforts @RicardoE105

For this node, I see that you have broken down the recurrence parameter into component values like ‘Repeat until’ and "Repeat Frequency’. However, the rrule format used by Google Calendar, Outlook etc. supports a lot more than what your UI fields allow. For e.g. There is no way for me to specify a meeting that recurs on the weekdays, every week. The node seems to form the rrule string on its own based on the limited inputs provided on the UI.

Since Google does support rrule strings in their API, can you allow us to send a full rrule string as such, please E.g. FREQ=WEEKLY;UNTIL=20201231T190000Z;INTERVAL=1;BYDAY=MO,TU,WE,TH,FR;WKST=SU


Sure @ajayjohn. Added it to my todo list

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@ajayjohn got added. We will let you know when it is released.

As always, thanks for the super-fast response, @RicardoE105!

Got released with [email protected]

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RRULEs work perfectly now!

BTW, I noticed that the timezone field of the Google Calendar node has no effect on the created event, and events always get saved assuming that the time is in the calendar’s default time zone. But I suspect this may be a bug on Google’s side rather than being an n8n issue. Wondering if others can reproduce the same issue too.