Google Calendar Integration

Was about to make a thread for this :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking for the following:

  • Get all events within a date range
  • Include:
    • title, description, location
    • all day event or start + end time
    • event color id
    • notifications settings for the event may be helpful too


I’d be interested in adding events and using the calendar as trigger.

Solved this with my own work around in php… I may need to read up on the node development guide but my JS is rusty :sweat_smile:

Would like to see adding events and calendar triggers as well

@tcurdt @dave0 working on this.


looks like google calendar api does not support authorization using a Apikey, just OAuth2 which is yet not supported. @tcurdt @dave0

Your application must use OAuth 2.0 to authorize requests. No other authorization protocols are supported. If your application uses Google Sign-In, some aspects of authorization are handled for you.


@RicardoE105 thanks a lot for looking into that! Hope I am able to build something for Oauth soon. Just also have to think about how to implement it best…