Google Calendar - Missing parameter I need

Hello everybody!

Glad to be here! I automate a lot using other software and I start to get familiar with n8n.
I’m not a developper, not even a low coder and I’m having issue with something that looks actually quite simple.

I have a Google Calendar node that lists events from a given calendar.
The Google Calendar API allows me to use a parameter named syncToken (everytime you make a request, you get nextSyncToken that you can store to use for the coming request) on the list events method.
This syncToken parameter allows me to get only the updated (even deleted) Calendar events that occured since the last use of that token (it work like a “snapshot”) allowing me to poll calendars for new updates since last workflow launch.
Problem is that this parameter isn’t available in the option list (check screenshot below) and I can’t figure out how I can input a manual parameter (maybe it’s just not possible at all).

I also tried to have a look at doing this step using the HTTP node but my skills aren’t good enough and I actually can’t figure out how to do credentials/connection/proper use of this node.

Any ideas that could be helpful? :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community @Titeul

Sadly that parameter it’s no exposed. You can make a feature request and upvote it.

Hey @RicardoE105 !

Thanks for your suggestion!

I actually came up with the second option, I’ve got the HTTP Request node to work after a while and I’m getting the data as expected. :champagne:

I had trouble setting up the credentials for the HTTP Node as Google Calendar API uses the Oauth2.
Was actually not easy for me to find Authorization URL + Token URL (had to browse through code example to find these informations)

Next things for me are to get the next scenario steps to work properly (quite basic stuff).


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