Google Calendar, "The specified time range is empty."


I don’t understand something with the Google Calendar node when I try to get an availability.

I generate two dates, one “five minutes past” and the other “five minutes on the futur”

When I execute the node, I got a message “The specified time range is empty.”

The start time is less than end time.

The worst, when I put the exact same value in TEXT… it works :scream:

Thanks for your help,

Hi @Florian_Guillemard, I am sorry you are having trouble. Unfortunately it’s not clear to me how exactly you are creating your fields minusfiveminute and plusfiveminute as you didn’t share your workflow.

Quickly running the below workflow dynamically populating the fields with values from 5 minutes ago and 5 minutes in the future is working fine for me on [email protected]:

This is the result:

Perhaps you can share your workflow and the current version of n8n you are using? Alternatively, and assuming your fields are simply based on the current time, perhaps you can use expressions such as {{ $now.minus({ minutes: 5}).toISO() }}?

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Hi @MutedJam ,

Thanks for your response !

I did not have the notification and thought I have to come back to see if there is someone :slight_smile:

Your answer is awesome and this WAS my way of doing MINUS-5 and PLUS-5 :

Your solution works really nice !

By the way, I am on 0.217.1 if it can help…

Thanks a lot,

Bear in mind that before 0.217.2 the names of the ‘start’ and ‘end’ fields in Google Calendar were very confusing:

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