Google Calendar: timezone shift & no formula for date entry

Hi! I workingi with Google Calendar Node and experiencing two troubles.

  1. My Google Calendar’s timzeone can’t be overwritten. It doesn’t pay attation to the Timezone n8n option.
    I pass correct time:

But despite any Timezone option, my Google Calendar shifts this time 3+ hours (my GCal timzone):

  1. Google Calendar Node accepts only date in such format: 2021-08-26T11:00:00Z. If it gets a formatted value like 2021-08-17 14:32:02, it shows error.
    But there is no such time input in the Docs to obtain such format.
    I have to make a fictional Date&Time node which makes nothing but outputs this kind of date

I just checked Google Calendar, and it does not seem to be applying the n8n timezone to the star and end date. That is probably the issue.

About the Date & Time node, just tested it and it worked fine for me. It seems in the picture you attached that you did not set the format and left it empty. What you see in the To Format it’s a placeholder not a default value.

I had to leave this field emtpy - this is the only way to have format GCal accepts. But this is just inconvenience, nothing more. Ths timezone problem really frustrates.

Created a PR. Can you test it locally and let me know if that resolves the issue?

Sorry, don’t know how to do such testings. I only know how to get new official versions.

@RicardoE105 is this potentially a breaking change?