Google Calendar trigger

I am trying to replicate this Zap: Automatically create new Google Docs for Google Calendar eve to create a new Google Doc agenda for each new meeting added to my Google Calendar.
Since there’s not a Google calendar trigger (that I see), is there an alternate way to do this?

Hi @Josh_Fialkoff,

The only way is adding a cron to get last events on calendar, and detect those recently added today, this way

Probably, you will need to create a date with a “Date & Time” node previously, and recover events by updatedMin property.

But this need some code :frowning:

Hope this helps.

Thanks @Miquel_Colomer! Do you know where I can get sample cron jobs that do something similar to this?

@Josh_Fialkoff Did you ever get this working?

I’m trying to do something similar, trigger for each event in the calendar.

Hey @GeorgeChester!

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As mentioned above you can use polling to do this. Here’s an article that might help: Creating triggers for n8n workflows using polling ⏲

For some context on lack of Google Triggers, essentially we need to update n8n core to support their OAuth method (to handle expiring webhooks). This is currently in-progress and so we expect to release the Google Drive Trigger soon. Once that’s done, we’ll be able to deliver nodes like the Google Calendar Trigger :rocket:


Any updates on this?

We are working on the Google Drive Trigger (which btw is killing me). As soon as we finish that one, the code would be basically the same, and then we should be able to have the Google Calendar Trigger working real quick.


Thx for the update and the efforts.
Sending you some :battery: :battery: :battery: if that helps at all.


Node got released with [email protected]

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That’s fantastic!!
I’ll take a look.
Thanks for everyone’s work on this!


I was so anxious for this node! WIll make my life significantly easier I think.

Thanks guys! @jan @RicardoE105 @harshil1712


Woohoo! :clap: nice one!! Really excited for this!

I’m curious, what is everyone looking to build with this node? @MutedJam showed me a cool flow that changes his Mattermost status (open-source Slack) based on whether he’s in a meeting (in meeting = do not disturb; no meeting = online)

Hey guys!

I’ve built a workflow that has a google calendar trigger that polls every minute, on “Event Created”.
I’ve noticed that some events aren’t triggering the node though.

This occurs in the case of events that were created by others and to which I was invited to. (This does not happen in all cases, though).

Example case:

The event below was created by our CFO on may 12th, 1:21 PM.

Looking at the execution logs, I see the workflow did not initiate at the time that the event was created.

I’ve done a test with the same person inviting me to an event, and it triggered. The only difference I see in the two events (besides date and time) is that in the one that did not trigger, there were other people from outside of the company invited as well.

Any ideas?

Is there anything more I can share to help?

@jan @harshil1712 any ideas on this?

Hey @Daniel_Barra, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble here. I tried reproducing this myself but had no luck here. Inviting my n8n user from a non-n8n account didn’t cause any trouble, the event still caused the trigger to run.

Perhaps you could share a full step by step description on how to reproduce this? Seeing this problem isn’t related to the original question, could you do so in a separate topic to make sure we don’t miss it?

Thanks so much!