Google Calender Trigger Help, Noobie :)

Hey guys,

Just found N8N and looking to replace a Zap I have that triggers when a new Calendar Event is added.

I’ve got the Calendar Node pulling in data, but I’m not sure how to get it to Loop and for each event I want to push the event to the HTTP Request Node so I can make an External API call for each event.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @GeorgeChester!

I have posted a reply here: Google Calendar trigger - #4 by GeorgeChester

Talking about looping, n8n handles that for you. What I mean by that is if you receive 10 items from the Google Calendar node, n8n will process these 10 items. So you don’t have to handle it :wink:

Yes, I’m using the Polling Node…

Here is my current flow.


I’m having problem figuring out how to address the values of the Calender Event in the HTTP Request to format my JSON Data in the POST.

So lets say I want get the Date, Time & Description and pass it on to an external API through the HTTP Request Node.

You can do that by changing the parameter to an expression and then reference the value from the previous node.

Probably a good idea to follow the “Getting Started Guide” as it covers the n8n basics: