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I want to find a contact on Google Contacts by name to check if there is already an entry. then update that contact or create if not existent

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i use Fibery as CRM and want to sync contacts to my phone. but i dont have the IDs of these contacts in fibery … (as other members of my company should be able to sync as well to their contacts list)

so i need to search for a contact in my address book before i can update or create a new contact

can i use the current available nodes for that somehow?

Hi @dukevannori, this can be a bit tricky if you’re processing multiple contacts at once. You’d first need to break your data down into batches of one, then run a search for each individual contact to check whether it exists or not.

The nodes you’d need for such a logic would be the Split In Batches node (to split up your existing list of contacts), the Google Contact node (to search for each contact and to create/update them) and the If node (to decide whether a contact has been found or not).

Now you didn’t share your exact data structure coming in from Fibery, but the basic idea could like so in a workflow (tested on [email protected]):

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions on this!


awesome - thank you. actually i get only one contact from a webhook at a time - so I guess the extra loop is not needed here?

but this workflow works like a charm - thanks a lot!

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Glad to hear this helps! You’re right of course, when only processing a single contact at a time there is no need for the Split In Batches loop :slight_smile:

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