Google Drive Export

I really needed to download a Google DOC and this is not possible with the Download function from the Drive node, an “Export” function (available in the drive API) should be implemented

In this moment I’m using chained DOCs edits + lambdas nodes to make the exports I need, directly with the google drive API, which is bad to scale to more documents

There’s already a PR opened for this, were this guy apparently already solved this problem:

So maybe we just need to review and approve? :slight_smile:


Hi @Gustavo_Haschich

According to Ricardo’s response in this post, this implementation is close to taking place.

While we don’t have it, I solved my use case as shown in the image below.

this is my workflow


Thanks a lot!

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@Gustavo_Haschich @Claudio_Balbino It’s going to be added to the next release.


Not working with shared drive :frowning:
Opened a new thred here: No support for shared drives for the "Download" Drive node?