Google Drive node can't access Google shared drives

The Google Drive node can only access content under “My Drive”. This means I can’t watch a folder under a shared drive for new files, or List the files or anything else

You mean the Google Drive trigger? What happen if you use the ID of a folder that is not in “My Drive”?

I have a Workflow to finish up that needs to use a Google Team Drive as the source, I will give it a go tomorrow and see what happens if no one gets there first.

The API has to specify supportsAllDrives and a couple other things, otherwise you’ll get a 404. The docs are here: Implement shared drive support  |  Drive API  |  Google Developers

It looks like there is partial support in the Google Drive node code with some passing in corpora and supports all drives options.

I will take a stab at it today.

So it looks like they set includeItemsFromAllDrives and supportsAllDrives to true on Drive > File > List but they don’t set the driveId or corpora value.

It looks like the Google Drive node could do with a bit of love to get things working, @fahhem are you just using the trigger for now or will you be using the Drive node as well?

I was trying to use the trigger when I stopped. Though I ran into the S3 node not supporting MFA (2-factor) and my org requires that for all accounts now so I went with writing a script instead.

Interesting. You can make a feature request to add support for MFA in the AWS nodes.

Dropping a comment here. In my case I’m not using the triggers from Google Drive, but the regular node instead.

Trying to upload a file to a Shared Drive folder causes some error that doesn’t happen if I just use a My Drive folder. Here’s the link to the issue thread with more info.

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