Google Drive Node Download

Hello ,

I have uploaded file using google form and , after gettng id, I am able to download the file using google drive node.

however, when i try to upload the “data” file to slack, slack node is unable to find the file.

below is my workflow

filed can be viewed in google drive node.

I tried google form submission with photo attachment in another workflow, obtain binary file using google drive node and try to upload the data file using http request to “Lark” software , it give me the same error.

i am using self hosted n8n and version as following

Hello ,

I realised the issue, when i download the file using google node, the file name is missing. but when i add a file name " abc" in this case, it is able to upload through slack.

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Thanks a lot for sharing the solution.

That is sadly one of the bad things off the Google API that it does not send the file name.

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