Google drive node makes duplicates when writing file

Hi all!

I can’t understand why the google drive node makes duplicates when writing files? when I do the same operation with writing binary files to the server everything is ok

Hi @Farid_Farkhadov, welcome to the community :tada:

I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I tried a slightly modified version of your workflow (since I wasn’t sure about the data coming from your webhook):

The execution looks as expected for me, with the Sheets node running twice, just like the other nodes in the loop:

Both files are uploaded as expected, no duplicates:

Is there a chance your workflow simply runs twice? This wouldn’t cause a problem with the Write Binary File node (which would simply overwrite an existing file), but I believe Google Drive would upload a file a second time. You could check this in your execution logs (assuming you store execution data).

Thanks for your reply! But the problem has not been solved yet ((To play this scenario, send me a link to the webhook… I will connect this link to the telegram bot… you will see that the problem is very strange…

This is how I get webhook data

This is how I get data into google drive. Note that the node shows information about the entry of the 1st file

As a result, I get duplicates (( there are files from 3 to I get 9 files if from 2 to 4

Hi @Farid_Farkhadov, can you share the payload you are sending with your webhook so I can reproduce this on my side?

Also, have you checked your execution list to verify whether this could be a simple case of your webhook being sent multiple times?

I found the reason! it was in the constructor for bots… Thanks for the help

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