Google drive trigger and shared drive

I try to use the Google drive trigger node for monitoring a folder under a shared drive.
Unfortunately it’s not working and i have the following error when i execute the node
No data with the current filter could be found"
With a folder in my drive, it works perfectly
I have permissions to access the shared drive.
am i doing something wrong ?
Thanks a lot for helping me.

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Hi @Babussien, welcome to the community :tada:

From quickly checking this, it unfortunately seems this has not been implemented yet. You might want to leave your vote on the respective feature request:

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Thanks for replying me, will do

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You are most welcome, sorry I didn’t have any better news here.

Hello. Its really will be good to have this feature. I wood like to help with it if anyone else wood like to collaborate, because i’m not JS\TS dev)

Also tell me please were i can leave vote?

Kind regards, kaarelen

Hey @kaarelen,

Welcome to the community :fire:

The feature request is here: Google Drive node can't access Google shared drives

Awesome. Thanks!